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 Here at Struck, we want to give you the best fitting, technical, high-quality garments at fair prices.

... but never at the expense of our values. 


Fast-fashion refers to cheaply made, lowest-cost clothing. We wear it once, and throw it away, buy more. Pieces are designed, manufactured, and marketed to be consumed as quickly as possible, in excessive volumes, for the lowest cost. This rapid-sell model focuses on capitalizing on every trend through limitless “micro-seasons”, and generally utilizes the lowest priced inputs (including labour) to keep pieces inexpensive and easily affordable.

 The fast-fashion overconsumption model is a major contributor to pollution and waste across our planet.  Millions of pieces of clothing end up in landfills, without being worn more than a handful of times. Manufacturing overseas for the lowest prices not only adds to pollution through transportation, but a race for the lowest production prices results in brands using factories with the lowest paid labor rates, often in very unsafe and unfair working conditions.


Our clothing is quality-based, not time-based. That means we try to make quality clothing that lasts.

We believe that as athletes, your clothing must be comfortable, well made, and durable. We never want to see your breeches end up in the landfill after a handful of wears. That’s why we use high-quality inputs from reputable and responsible partners to create a high-quality garment that is technical, yet timeless. None of our designs are based on fast-fashion trends, that way your pieces never look outdated and end up in landfills needlessly. We hope you buy another piece because you just love the way you look, feel, and ride in our clothing!

We always try to use the best textiles, designs, and technologies to keep our athletes performing their best… but never at the expense of our social responsibilities and values.


All of breeches and shirts are made in locally in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since Struck began, we have always used small, local factories to design, sample, and produce our garments.


Yes, it is more expensive to manufacture locally, but the benefits far outweigh the costs (pun intended!). For us, this is money well spent!

  • We can guarantee our products are produced under safe, legal, and fair working conditions, with fair and equal treatment of all of our workers.
  • We can oversee all stages of production, and if any problems arise, we deal with it in real-time.
  • Work in small batch runs, ensuring we reduce pollution and waste from over-production
  • Cuts down on transportation costs of shipping made products from overseas
  • Allows us to respond to demand… if a style is running low rapidly, we can change our production direction


We never want to see anything end up in landfills. We try our best to ensure we manufacture with the tightest yields to cut down on fabric wastage, and we carefully calculate the number of pieces made each year to ensure we don’t over-produce. Yes this means we rarely put anything on sale, but it also guarantees that we reduce our footprint as much as possible.

Anything that is produced that isn’t up to our highest quality standards is offered on our website 2nds. That’s where anything with cosmetic blemishes, or minor flaws is sold at a discounted rate so that it can be purchased and worn by those who aren’t bothered with small imperfections, or as an entry point for someone who may not otherwise have the budget to purchase our pieces.

We are proud of our current sustainability initiatives, but we believe, like riding, there is always room for improvement. If you every have any ideas to share with us, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you.