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March 2014 Update!

March 17, 2014 1 min read

Thank you so much for visiting the Struck Apparel website!  We have had a very exciting Winter 2013/14 season in Ocala, Florida.  Having virtually sold out of our first production run we are furiously working away on our Spring/Summer 2014 Collection that will be released in a few weeks time.  


Thank you to all of our friends and customers who have given us their thoughtful feedback on our breeches and we can't wait to show all of you our new and improved collection when it debuts.  


Please visit us here or on Facebook as we will be releasing regular blog posts detailing our adventures in planning, designing, making and distributing Struck breeches.  


To all of the Struck riders out there:  Enjoy the Sport.  Love your Horses.  And we will see you at the ring soon!!!


Yours Truly,


Ashley & Kevin